Khomeini told us that:

“islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for holy warriors!

There are hundreds of other [quranic] psalms and hadiths urging muslims to value war and to fight. Does all that mean that islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.”

“islam grew with blood... The great prophet of islam in one hand carried the quran and in the other a sword... islam is a religion of blood for the infidels but a religion of guidance for other people.”

But of all the ideologues whose works were a source of radical inspiration to tens, if not hundreds, of millions, Sayeed Abdul A'la Maududi is the most direct and unambiguous in his description of islam’s ultimate aspirations:

“islam is not a normal religion like the other religions in the world and muslim nations are not like normal nations. muslim nations are very special because they have a command from allah to rule the entire world and to be over every nation in the world.”

"islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and program, regardless of which Nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological islamic State."

“islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in a better condition than another nation. islam doesn’t care about the land or who owns the land. The goal of islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, islam will fight and destroy. In order to fulfill that goal, islam can use every power available every way it can be used to bring worldwide revolution. This is Jihad.”

The following comments, by other prominent muslims, leave us in no doubt how widely these views are held.

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
--- Former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne’s prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the U.N. In 1974. Thirty three years later, his prediction is in the process of unfolding.

“Soon we will take power in this country. Those who criticize us now, will regret it. They will have to serve us. Prepare, for the hour is near.”
--- Belgium-based imam in 1994. “De Morgen”, Oct. 5, 1994. Cited in Koenraad Elst, "The Rushdie Rules", Middle East Quarterly, June 1998.

“The quran should be America's highest authority”. “islam is not in America to be equal to any other religion but to be dominant.”
--- Omar Ahmad, CAIR's (Council on American-Islamic Relations) chairman of the board.

"I would like to see the islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world,”
--- Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, (former leader of the extremist Al-Muhajiroun movement in Britain) in an interview with Reuters.

"I want to see the U.S become an islamic nation.” ----Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR.

"We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."
---Hussein Massawi, the former Hezbollah leader behind the slaughter of U.S. and French forces 20 years ago.

"Jihad and the rifle alone. NO negotiations, NO conferences and NO dialogue."
---Sheikh Abdullah Azzam--- (Osama bin Laden’s late mentor.)

“allah revealed Islam in order that humanity could be governed according to it. Unbelief is darkness and disorder. So the unbelievers, if they are not suppressed, create disorder. That is why the muslims are responsible for the implementation of allah's Law on the planet, that humanity may be governed by it, as opposed to corrupt man-made laws. The muslims must make all efforts to establish the religion of allah on the earth”
---Muhammad 'Abdus Salam Faraj, “Jihad: The Absent Obligation”, p43.

What is it in these clear statements of intent that Western people find so hard to comprehend and come to terms with?


On account of their savage nature, the Arabs (muslims) are people who plunder and cause damage. They plunder whatever they are able to lay their hands on without having to fight or to expose themselves to danger. They then retreat to their pastures in the desert. …Every stronghold or locality that seems difficult to attack. they bypass in favour of some less difficult 'enterprise'. Tribes that are protected against the Arabs (muslims) by inaccessible mountains are safe from their mischief and destructiveness. The Arabs would not cross hills or undergo hardship and danger in order to get to them.

Flat territory, on the other hand, falls victim to their looting and prey to their appetite whenever they have the opportunity of gaining power over it. Then they raid, plunder, and attack that territory repeatedly, because it is easily accessible to them. Eventually, its inhabitants succumb utterly to the muslims and then they are pushed around by them. Eventually, their civilization is wiped out.

Places that succumb to muslims are quickly ruined...

The reason for this is that the Arabs (muslims) are a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it. Savagery has become their character and nature. They enjoy it, because it means freedom from authority and no subservience to leadership. Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis of civilization. For instance, the Arabs need stones to set them up as supports for their cooking pots. So, they take them from buildings which they tear down to get the stones, and use them for that purpose. Wood, too, is needed by them for props for their tents and for use as tent poles for their dwell­ings. So, they tear down roofs to get the wood for that purpose. The very nature of their existence is the negation of building, which is the basis of civilization.

Furthermore, it is their nature to plunder whatever other people possess. Their sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their swords falls. They recognize no limit in taking the possessions of other people. Whenever their eyes fall upon some property, furnishings, or utensils, they take it. When they acquire superiority and royal authority, they have complete power to plunder as they please. There no longer exists any political power to protect property, and civilization is ruined.

Since they use force to make craftsmen and professional workers do their work, they do not see any value in it and do not pay them for it. The sedentary population disperses, and civilization decays.”

The Arabs (muslims) are not concerned with laws. They care only for the property that they might take away from people through looting and imposts. When they have obtained that, they have no interest in anything further. For this reason, greater fortitude is found among the savage Arab Bedouins than among people who are subject to laws. Those who rely on laws and are dominated by them from the very beginning of their education and instruction in the crafts, sciences, and religious matters, are thereby deprived of much of their own fortitude.

Under the rule of the Arabs (muslims), the subjects live as in a state of anarchy, without law. Anarchy destroys mankind and ruins civilization,

Furthermore, every Arab (muslim) is eager to be the leader. Scarcely any one of them would cede his power to another, even to his father, his brother, or the eldest most important member of his family… Civilization, thus, decays and is wiped out.

It is noteworthy how civilization always collapsed in places the Arabs (muslims) took over and conquered, and how such settlements were depopulated and the very earth there turned into something that was no longer earth. The Yemen where the Arabs live, is in ruins, except for a few cities. Persian civilization in the Arab Iraq is likewise completely ruined. The same applies to contemporary Syria.

Every Arab (muslim) who is attracted to city life quickly shows himself unable to compete and is disgraced... Link


Paging Doctor Jihad...

What police officers are being told is put political correctness above the security of people. "We are told that there is no intelligence to indicate what a bomber may look like. But you only have to look at all the people who have been linked to or convicted of terror-related activities to see that there is a definite profile."
And up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qeada. Some are believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So we have indoctrinated bigots of islam in high places even muslim Doctors are in the works, so when Doctor Jihad comes calling, be sure to hide the gasoline.
Politicians appear to favor ISLAMic terrorists by insisting ministers not use the term 'muslim' when reporting on ISLAMic terrorism. Journalists refuse to do their home work and state the connection between islam and violent jihad yet the muslim leaders, clerics, mufti's, and mullah's clearly state the intention of this insidious ideology that jihad is a central duty of every muslim and violent jihad is a constant of islamic history, but we are not to make the obvious conclusion as it might offend the deluded bigots. Muslim Police, muslim Doctors, Politicians, and Journalists, where does it stop? It doesn't until we recognize islam for what it is, a fascist ideology disguised as a religion hell bent on destruction of free societies. Yet our institutions are riddled with people who do not want or value our way of life, our culture or our lives, civil war is inevitable, prepare...
"Self defense is justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the laws of society." - Sir William Blackstone.
"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." - Sir Winston Churchill.