Happy Eid..!

Before the Eid festival, every muslim father brings home a baby goat and tells his child to play with it. As days pass, the child grows fond of the goat for some days and when the day of Eid comes the child is shocked to see that his pet goat is slaughtered in front of his entire gleeful and cheering family. The child feels guilty, he cries and asks for his friend (the goat) to be spared. But when the goat is slaughtered in spite of this, and the child is told that this is part of muslim tradition, the child is bewildered.
After one year round the same time, the same ritual is repeated. Now the child is one year older, but he still has the innocence to play with a pet and grow fond of it. When the day arrives, the goat is again slaughtered, and the child is reminded of this being a tradition. The child still feels guilty, but his guilt is now numbed by the words that repeatedly fall on his ears, that this is a qurbani (a sacrifice) and that it is our holy duty to kill.
A year after that the child is again asked to play with a goat and on the day of the feast of Eid-ul-Zuha, he is asked to hold the dagger and help out in slaughtering the goat. The child gradually grows hard-hearted and now starts enjoying this ritual of killing the goat - A muslim is made!
As part of his upbringing, a muslim child who weeps at the sight of a pet goat being killed and would balk at doing the deed himself, is now shamed into doing the deed. It is drilled into his mind that he should do it as it is part of a revered islamic custom of bloodletting. And that instead of feeling guilty, he should feel proud. A murderer is made! A muslim is made!
The child’s guilt is gradually vanishing and is being replaced with a sadistic urge to kill, not just kill the goat but to kill anyone at the drop of a hat. A murderer is made. An innocent child who would weep at the sight of a pet goat being killed and would balk at doing the deed himself, is now shamed into doing that deed.
It is drilled into his mind that he should do it as it is the community custom. That instead of feeling guilty, he should be proud. This way a murderer is never born, he is made. And he is made generation after generation to spawn a breed of people who glorify death. Who boast that “We love death more than you love life, and so we will get you someday, someway, somewhere, and kill you while killing ourselves to seek martyrdom.”
From early childhood, when children are repeatedly told not to get beaten by anyone and to if anyone hits you, you need to hit him back twice at least. This leads to the building a violent and vengeful mentality from early childhood that provides for a perfect mindset for the making of a criminal in adulthood where revenge is glorified.
The fact that seals this vengeful, cruel and violent mentality is the leavening of legitimacy that is given through the islamic religion, with quotations like: "Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you." (9:123). All this makes it a religious, moral and a holy duty to seek revenge, and to commit murder during seeking revenge, and to top it all, to exult when you murder an enemy, to dance over his dead body, to pull out his victuals from his corpse and proudly display it in public and to boast that now due to this 'holy' act, the victor would find place in heaven!
Imagine that for a muslim the way to heaven is through, murder, rape , arson, trickery, deception! No wonder we have such delinquent murderers operating in London, Jerusalem, Madrid, Bali, Baghdad, not to speak of New York and the Pentagon on 9/11.
And to keep this murderous message being constantly drilled into their mind, they have to pray five times a day, facing one particular direction. Private prayer is not encouraged, mass prayer is. Whenever the Muzzein brays from the minaret, they assemble in one place to pray, so that you keep meeting people like you who have also been brainwashed into becoming mindless murderers, so that this conditioning of the mind is reinforced five times in a day with the mullah sounding the same rants of kill the enemies, death to infidel kafirs ad nausem.
And if they commit the cardinal sin of leaving this murderous band, they become a legitimate target for being murdered as an apostate. There is no way out for a muslim but to hate the non-muslims and to seek every opportunity to terrorize them. A terrorist mass-murderer is made, in other words a muslim is made...


Teddy Bear..?

When it comes to muslims the blasphemer may be killed, so too, ice cream vendor, rubber tree plantation worker, barber, truck driver, doctor, nurse, journalist, reporter, vegetable stand operator, rape victim, lawyer, the judge, the artist, the cartoonist, the film maker, the Jew, the Baptist, the Coptic, the Assyrian, the Catholic, the Catholic nun, the aid worker, the Muslim who is not Muslim enough, the apostate, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the policeman, the soldier, the slave, the traveler listening to music, the video store owner, the tv anchor, the radio host, and the list just gets longer every day. The teacher...