Classic examples of dhimmitude...

Dhimmi mentality is becoming an ever increasing symptom of civilization on the brink. This fawning acceptance of islamic supremacy by Non-muslims with a sense of dread towards offending it has spread far and wide in the 'free' world. The dhimmi subjects are allowed to live and granted second class citizenship. Now the dhimmitude subjects have so internalized this inferior mindset that even being free they continue to revere islam at the cost of other faiths, traditions and cultures. Take Obama for instance, his recent overseas trips he has made it clear that national self-loathing and grovelling to islam will now be basic elements of American foreign policy. That's right, grovelling in subservience to an ideology that not only has enslaved entire populations, but is everywhere known for its cruel violation of basic human rights.
It is one thing to be diplomatic and seek to build bridges to other nations and worldviews. But it is quite another thing to playing down American and Judea-Christian strengths and playing up islamic depravities and weaknesses.
Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia described the islamisation of Europe. Melanie Phillip’s, Londonistan chronicled the islamic take-over of the UK. We now need a similar book to describe how America seems to be slowly but surely heading down the same path.
Perhaps Americastan or Arabica or some such title can be used. Of course others have been trying to sound the alarm. Robert Spencer’s, Stealth Jihad is a very good start for this subject. But with B.O. now in office, there will be a whole lot more material that will need to be written.

The question is, will it be written in English or Arabic..?


Cultural Suicide...

America's first cross-dresser Mayor...
Stu Rasmussen the mayor with implants of Silverton, Oregon says, "I'm a dude". Rasmussen describes himself as a heterosexual male, has a live in girlfriend, and male anatomy that he intends to keep.
The West has become alarmingly weakened towards social and cultural suicide simply by discarding its instinct for self-preservation. Our politically correct multicultural one world dictators say we’re all destined to live in a global village where discrimination is taboo and nation states stand in the way. And so an egalitarian utopia takes center stage and discrimination must therefore be avoided at all costs. It is no wonder, in the midst of this warped disposition that our culture has become a counter-culture and our traditions are openly attacked by apparently 'empowered' malcontents like this Rasmussen 'thing'.

Just watch what has followed. The consensus is white man and America is the source of all evil, that George W. Bush is a greater war criminal than Saddam Hussein ever was, and that Israel poses the greatest threat to world peace. I'm numb, what is the remedy for such chronic stupidity?
I grieve to think how brief the dream of the human intellect has been. It has committed suicide. It has set itself steadfast towards comfort and ease, a wishful balanced society with security and permanency as its hope, it has attained its hopes to come to this...