Willful blindness...

Eloi were the ignorant naive people from the H.G.Wells classic "The Time Machine". Oblivious of the Morlock intention to feed off them and endanger their very existence, the Eloi blissfully went about their days without a moments thought of the perils engulfing them...

In the wake of a mass shooting by a military psychiatrist, the Army's top doctor acknowledged his service needs to improve how it manages medical officers, including using more candor in reviewing their officers' performance, but Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker, the Army surgeon general, told USA TODAY there's no evidence his staff "could have predicted" that Maj. Nidal Hasan, the man accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas, "could have become a mass murderer."

In the 12 years that Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, was trained and promoted to major, he may not have been "an ideal clinician, not an ideal professional soldier," Schoomaker said, but, "I don't see anywhere in there, and no one has ever intimated that we should have been able to see from what we saw that this man would have become the alleged mass murderer that he is or is accused of being."

Last week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates released the findings of an independent review of the shooting conducted by former Army secretary Togo West and retired admiral Vern Clark. It recommends reviewing officer standards used by medical supervisors in Hasan's case -- "Some signs were clearly missed; others ignored," the review concludes, urging that officers who supervised Hasan be held accountable. Gates directed Army Secretary John McHugh to act on the recommendations.

Well, there you go. There's "no evidence" anyone could have predicted that Maj. Nidal Hasan could have become a mass murderer. The Army will do a formal review and produce an update to their standards.

And nowhere, in any of these reports are the words islam or jihad mentioned, but...

Hasan attended a radical mosque.
Hasan was communicating with a radical Imam tied to al-Qaeda.
Hasan expressed anti-US and pro-jihad sentiments to his colleagues.
Hasan identified himself as a "Soldier of allah."
Hasan sent money to Pakistan.
Hasan purchased weapons and ammunitions.
Hasan began wearing traditional Pakistani garb in the weeks before attack.
Hasan screamed "allahu akbar!" during his rampage.

The Enemy Within...


"We are jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism"

Until we recognize the true, almost indescribable depravity of this foe, close its mosques and medrassas and deport these peddlers of hate and murder, we will invite an ever widening community of vermin whose goal it is to preside over our demise.

We must, in the midst of hardship, choose to focus on vision and destiny, rather than on hopelessness and fear. We must decide to connect with that which is noble and courageous in our people, and distance ourselves from the cowardly, self-serving actions of those who claim to be our leadership...
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