Perfecting righteous anger.

No other totalitarian ideology mastered deception and playing the victimhood card better than islam. It was the founder of islam, mohammad who discovered that you can get away with murder as long as you insist that you acted under extreme provocation and/or in self-defense.
How many stories about mohammad’s persecution in Mecca did we hear, yet no actual examples of his sufferings are ever given. The fact that mohammad ‘escaped’ from Mecca without a single bruise (apart from his bruised ego) should convince any sane person that indeed living among his Quraysh brethren was not such an ordeal after all.
From this base of ever present victimhood, muslim strategists worked out a successful formula of attacking and slaughtering innocent victims, with full conviction of acting purely in self-defense and, even more importantly, in the name of allah.
If you follow the islamists sources dealing with the history of Jihad, you will discover that there is not a single war, not a single murder, not a single rape, committed on non-muslims without good reason, in self-defense or under extreme provocation!
This high moral ground, combined with continuous propaganda convincing masses of the followers that everyone is out to get them, creates mass psychotic behavior, a state of almost permanent aggression towards everybody.
The strategy of permanent victimhood plays a very important part in Islamist politics.
Firstly, to make naive Westerners feel guilty and to divide Western public opinion in order to gain the support of all those who just wish to love their neighbours and at the same time, have no in-depth knowledge of islam and the history of islamic Jihad and dhimmitude.
Secondly, the strategy ensures that the muslim subjects feel isolated, persecuted and humiliated for as long as they do not get their allah given status, total superiority over all other religious groups.
In this respect their own perception of being permanently humiliated in Western society has full merit and it is real, because according to their religious beliefs, the position of muslims must be superior to all unbelievers.
The degree of muslim “assertiveness’ in demanding from other religions this superior status varies of course, depending on how strong the Ummah perceives its chances of getting more and more concessions from a dominant community.
When there are only a few muslims around, these requests are few and modest, like wearing hijabs to school or permission to have prayer rooms. When the muslim community feels stronger, these requests become demands and are not as modest as before. If our governments refuse to cave in to these demands, this action immediately becomes identified as persecution, as a denial of human and religious rights although other religions usually do not have the same rights and privileges (e.g. separate toilets, washing rooms, swimming pools)
If you are curious about the next stage of islamist takeover, take a look at France as an example. Over 700 hundred non-muslim no-go zones, virtual poll tax (jiziya) paid to millions of unemployed (disgruntled muslims) by the French Infidels, booty taken by young mujahadeen in broad daylight without any major police intervention.
This situation changes even more dramatically when the whole area is claimed by the muslim community. The first steps in this direction have already been signalled by muslim leaders. Will we become like the true Egyptians (Copts), whose forefathers built one of the oldest civilization on Earth and who are now reduced to pathetic dhimmis, afraid of their own shadow? One thing is certain, islamist mentality, patience and cultivated hatred to all infidels will not let things settle into any fair status quo situation...

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