Whatever happened to 1,400 years of historical facts and analysis? Don't our leaders and other people of influence realize that if it weren't for the bravery of the past 50 generations, the West would be islamified and living under sharia law? Aren't they aware that the jihadists were defeated outside Vienna only 93 years ago? Do they know what happened on 29th May 1453? And don't they realize that the Vatican might have fallen to the jihadists had Don Juan suffered defeat at Lepanto in 1571? How about de la Valette in 1565, defending Malta against the Turks and against the odds? And there is the 473 years of the First Great jihad which islamified North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, and saw the conquest of Spain, Portugal and most of France, with the 200 years of the Crusades marking the boundary between jihads, with the second Great jihad reaching Vienna via Constantinople, Belgrade and Mohacs.

All of this recorded history has been forgotten by all but the most avid historians or the most curious souls amongst our population who like to delve into historical facts about jihad. Maybe it is down to the political correct that has seeped into our souls and overwhelmed our immune system at every level since the 1960s, resulting in the mere mentioning of Lepanto or the battle of Vienna being deemed as 'upsetting' to the sensibilities of muslims, and that we should feel guilty for driving the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsular and driving the Turks back towards Constantinople in the 200 years following Vienna. Civilizational suicide in a bottle is what we are being prescribed by all manner of journalists and our media, too cowardly and spineless to spell things out just like Bishop Fulton J Sheen, Hilaire Belloc, John Wesley or Sir Winston Churchill, who would be slagged off as 'racists' were they alive today to remind us of what they wrote. Those who think they're too civilized to save themselves are indeed doomed and earmarked for certain destruction. That is the oldest lesson of history, and a grave mistake will be made by all of us if we dare forget that lesson.

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