One sure sign of whether or not a society is serious about defeating tyranny is the support it gives to dissidents who risk their lives by resisting it. Hirsi Ali’s life has been threatened by muslim fanatics ever since she helped make a film about the persecution of women in islam, as a result of which her friend, Theo Van Gogh was murdered. Hirsi Ali, who from that time on has been forced to live either in hiding or under police protection and eventually was forced to leave Holland for America after the Dutch government played games with her citizenship. And the games continue as she has been forced into hiding again after the Dutch government said that they would remove her security detail from her unless she returned to the Netherlands from the US, where she had gone only because the Netherlands had effectively forced her out. Now Dutch prime minister has advised Ayaan Hirsi Ali to leave the Netherlands and go back to the US. He said, "she shouldn’t come back to The Netherlands for protection, she has long enough known that the Dutch government wanted to stop her protection". The Americans have not volunteered to fill the gap and protect her. So much for the ‘war on terror’. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a heroine of our times. The behavior of both the Dutch and the Americans towards her is an absolute disgrace.

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