Airport security was condemned as a joke after an Afghan involved in the Stansted hijacking was found to be working at Heathrow as a cleaner. Here.
Oslo police recently released its 2007 Rape Report. The report shows a marked increase in Somali rapists. Here.
Ahmadinejad: The Hidden Imam Runs The World. Here.
Afghan teacher killed after speech condemning suicide bombings. Here.
Father, "My daughter deserved to die for falling in love" Here.
Women banned from 'Women in the Work Force' forum. Here.

There's something parasitic about the way muslims exploit Western social mechanisms. We all know that islam teaches muslims to despise "Infidels" and especially Jews. They truly hate us, and expend great energy in devaluing and dehumanizing us. So when they observe the success of our "Infidel" society, and especially the success of Jews within our society, their notions of our dirtiness and our unworthiness in the eyes of their allah must truly wrangle. They sum it up to "image", as if our prowess and superiority could only be a matter of superficial appearances, nothing more. They observe the Jew successfully navigating in the "Infidel" West, and can only imagine his successes, since he is but worthless subhuman scum, can only be accounted for by manipulation of media propaganda, cleverly crafted "image" campaigns, and legal browbeating to legislate special protections through mechanisms like the various "anti-defamation" outfits which exist.
Being history's all-time plunderers and parasites, just like the original Arab vagabond who invented their heinous "cult", muslims have set about imitating what, in their fevered imaginations, constitutes the social mechanisms in the West which permit us to project that "image" of success and superiority which puts their abject failures in stark relief. Since (in their ruined minds) their islamic society is vastly superior to ours in every way, our successes can only be a clever illusion, a parlor trick of epic proportions.
The muslims cannot imagine or contemplate the truth of the situation. They have a society which offers nothing to the world but terrorism, totalitarian nightmares, human degradation, and misery. If not for the accident of oil, there's no doubt that the pan-islamic world today would be at or near the absolute bottom of human society. But the wealth which has flowed into their undeserving hands for the last 6-7 decades now funds the largest expansion of their islamic cancer since islam's inception nearly 1400 years ago. Today they spend vast sums to wage Jihad, to insinuate themselves into our society where they then set about the systematic subversion of our society. They actually lack imagination sufficient to contemplate the truth about their complete depravity, or to comprehend why our society is superior to theirs in every way. Islam forbids it. But islam's creed requires them to profess its superiority in every gesture, every expression, despite reality. For this reason they retain a just sufficient quantity of imagination to think that if they simply ape our social mechanisms, the ones which they construe as responsible for projecting our clever lies, then they too can accomplish all that we have done. Muslims can't handle the substance of the argument, but now hold vast hordes of cash to hire Madison Avenue to do their bidding and polish the turd of islam into a high gloss.
Has there ever been a more loutish, a more lazy, a more deluded society than theirs? Westerners fear angering muslims, fear enraging their hatred and fury, by simply pointing out their inferiority. But we will do much in winning against the muslim enemy by shattering his delusional and grandiose sense of self. Simply holding up a mirror, and revealing islam's depravity does make the muslim murderously angry, but it also rubs his filth in his face in a manner which will eventually destroy him through sheer humiliation and depression. JSLA...

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