Sura (4:24) All married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess...
A muslim judge in Pakistan rules in favour of a group of muslims who kidnapped and forcefully converted two Christian sisters to islam. The two girls aged 10 and 13 were kidnapped June 26th. The judge of the district of Muzaffargarh, Mian Muhammad Naeem ruled in favour of the criminals who kidnapped the children, stating that the Christian sisters “have converted in a legitimate manner to islam”. Because of this the children cannot go home to their family.
The girl’s conversion and supposed validity by the judge also invokes another key islamic law – death for apostasy. Should the girls go back to their family and continue with their Christian faith they would, according to islamic law, be imprisoned or executed.
This news from the land of the despot prophet is more than random muslim criminality, this depraved behavior of kidnapping children and converting them by force to islam is sanctioned by muslim standards and law. If the free world continues to contemplate sharia law then it will embolden the fanatics and this will one day happen in our own backyards...

Update: The struggle naturally continues. The father of the girls, Younis Masih, filed an appeal to the high court where a muslim lawyer Rashid Rehman pleaded his case. The court did not believe that the girls accepted islam by their own free will; therefore the girls were sent to a 'darul aman' in order to be relieved of pressure on the part of muslims. The girls will again appear in court on Aug. 4 and then the case will be decided according to the girls' statement...

August 20th; The custody battle remained inconclusive after a hearing today, judge Malek Saeed Ejaz of the Lahore High Court’s Multan Branch set the next hearing for September 9th. Details.

Update: Judge Malak Saeed Ejaz has given Aneela back to her family, because she is only 10 years old. Saba who is 13 years old as shown by official documents is declared over 16 years old thanks to 'expert testimony' and so her return to her parents is denied.

Dec. 18th.
Judge Malik Saeed Ejaz places new financial and social pressure on the captors of Saba. He ordered the girl’s husband, Amjad Ali, to pay a dowry of 100,000 rupees (US$1,275) and allow her parents visitation rights, two actions required by Pakistani marriage protocol. Kidnapping Infidels in the muslim-majority nation of 170 million is not uncommon.

Feb. 27th 09
The judiciary is one thing, the police are another...

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USpace said...

We must never mock the precious and peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 6 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil? That is just their culture and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.

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enjoy the dhimmi life
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