The Elephant...

Once upon a time there was an elephant and four blind men. They were not born blind and they have seen most of the things of this world but an elephant. One day they met an Elephant. The first blind man, feeling of the tusk cried, an elephant is very like a spear! The second took the trunk and immediately screamed; an elephant is just like a snake! The third touched the broad and sturdy side of the elephant. He declared an elephant looks like a wall! The fourth seized the tail and claimed an elephant is like a rope.

The parable of blind men and an elephant perfectly illustrates the method of interpreting a subject matter when people are blind and/or ignorant. Often muslims blame other muslims for not understanding real islam. Each and every muslim believes his own version of islam and definitely their understanding is better than others. Knowledge is a powerful force that strongly influences a person. Typically religious knowledge is ancient in nature and overshadows a person's mind to making him blindfolded. A person with quranic knowledge tends to go back to the Stone Age whereas a person with scientific knowledge foresees the future.

Real muslims conceive islam as a way of life. They like to live a life that was practiced by the people of 7th century. Their mind is clogged with quranic dictation and mohammad's lifestyle. They happily follow this primeval culture engulfed in brutal and barbaric behaviors.
Apparently our modern muslim scholars are trying to reform islam and represent islam as a peaceful religion.
A group of half-muslims is the follower of real muslims. They pray five times a day robotically recite the quran without understanding it.
A group of mini-muslims are desperately holding the tail of the islamic elephant and expects to get a rare seat in heaven. Majority of muslims is of this type.
Good news is majority of muslims are either half-muslims or mini-muslims. Naturally they are not a direct threat to mankind as opposed to real muslims and hypocrite muslim scholars. Bad news is Saudi Arabia and Middle-East countries are pumping billions of petro-dollars to promote real islam through Madrasas and feeding hypocrite scholars. Hypocrite scholars create an innocent image of islam to keep half and mini muslims under islamic flag. Mullahs take next step to brainwash this people and convert them to real muslims. Can you imagine if all muslims of this world becoming real muslims? We are talking about a billion active suicide bombers!

To give a happy ending, the activity of emerging ex-muslims must be mentioned. This group of people is not blind or blindfolded. They see the whole elephant. In fact they see islam as a devastating wild elephant. This movement is getting momentum everyday and a surprising snowball effect is not too far, I hope...

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