Joining The Dots...

What better way for disciples of a religion of peace to celebrate harmony and co-existence than with a bomb? The whole muslim religion is a murderous organization which instructs its followers to hate, to partake in terrorism and murder. Following the orders of the religion directly from the quran with its countless versions of hate, venom, hostility and murder. I don’t know how anyone can call it a religion in the traditional sense I was brought up in. It should be called a murderous organization that is out to kill people.
And these murderous compliant Neanderthals declare the UK is showing hostility to islam for awarding a knighthood to apostate author Sir Salman Rushdie, and babble that this indicates the treacherous policy of the UK colonialist regime and its longstanding hostility to islam.

Robert Spencer from JihadWatch, "I rather think that Renewed Rushdie Rage shows islam's weakness in its inability to deal with any criticism at all. Only the pathetically insecure try to silence their opponents, rather than presenting their ideas in a spirit of honest inquiry and encouraging open discussion and debate."

Say something critical of islam and the mullahs and mufti's accuse you of being a Nazi preparing to push innocents into gas chambers, and when are they going to tire of cries of, "Islamophobes, racists, and oppression?"
A 20th. century politician said that the religion of islam “above all others was founded and propagated on the sword.” And it provided “incentives to slaughter, and in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men – filled with a wild and merciless fanaticism.” Guess that observation makes Winston Churchill a Nazi.

An examination of the quran illustrates there are over 120 chapters in it calling on muslims to fight Jews and Christians, subjugate them, murder them, break treaties that are made with them, cut off their heads, lips and the tips of fingers, crucify them, and other acts of barbarism.
More often than not, this is the way islam has been practiced for most of its history. The faith did not spread from the Pyrenees to the Philippines within 100 years of mohammad’s death, by peaceful proselytizing. No, it was started by a warlord who led men into battle and murdered disarmed opponents.
Wherever muslims are living in proximity with Christians, Jews or Hindus. Someone is getting shot, bombed, burned alive, stoned to death, forcibly converted, jailed or the usual blood-lust persecution. Wherever a significant muslim population comes into contact with others, all Hell breaks loose.
Where muslims are in the majority, other faiths are outlawed (Saudi Arabia), severely limited (Egypt) or subjected to relentless persecution (Pakistan, Indonesia, the Sudan and Northern Nigeria). Where muslims are a substantial minority (Serbia, Macedonia, The Kashmir, Israel, Chechnya) there’s intifada, terrorism in pursuit of succession.
The excuse is usually offered that a small but energetic group of fanatics have grossly distorted the tenets of their religion to wreck bloody mayhem. And then the most renowned muslim religious authorities enthusiastically endorse holy war and terrorism.
Yet on 9/11 muslims from Brooklyn to Palestine to Jakarta took to the streets to celebrate the deaths of 3,000 Americans and praise bin Laden's alqeada.
It amazes me that close to one billion inhabitants of planet Earth believe an illiterate rock spider was the 'seal of the prophets' or that 72 virgins await them in paradise and on top of that, women do not matter. I do not believe Jesus even existed but if I mention that to a Christian, he’ll tell me Jesus loves me, and he’ll pray for me. He won’t threaten or try to cut off my bloody head!
Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormon, and Judaism, all foreign to me. But did you ever hear of a Hindu hijacker, a Buddhist suicide bomber, a Mormon elder or Jewish Rabbi issuing a fatwa?
Try as I might, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up appearances as rat-bags of the muslim world are wearing the welcoming mat out real fast and the days of their unbridled carnage begins. But it must take a tremendous act of will to suppress evidence of the religious dimension of islam’s war on the West. If only those with eyes could see...

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