Information And islam

The Information Age may pose the greatest threat that islam has ever faced, particularly in the uncensored West. Many muslims are finding out for the first time that the details of their prophet’s life are very much out of step with the revered image of a perfect and holy man. Neither are educated Westerners finding many aspects of islamic law to be compatible with their own values.

muslim countries meet the challenge by censoring the information flow, blocking websites and banning the sales of certain books. They do not allow other religions to evangelize or speak ill of islam or its prophet, which insulates the muslim world from critical thought.

Muslim organizations in the West face greater obstacles. islam, as it is popularly believed by many muslims, has almost become a parallel religion to the islam revealed in the quran and sunnah. Many muslims are taught that islam is not much different than the Judeo-Christian tradition, and seem at a loss to explain the death and destruction done explicitly in the name of allah.

There is a tendency for Westerners to play along with this false perception of islam instead of demanding accountability and hard answers. It isn’t just secular multiculturalists who are to blame either. “6th Column against Jihad” produced an excellent article on The Religion Barrier that should be required reading for every non-muslim, particularly those who are religious. Christians and Jews are susceptible to being taken in by the misconception that islam is just another Abrahamic faith like theirs, with the noble goals of peace and universal brotherhood.

But the reality is quite different. Despite the fact that many muslims in the West follow more of a “pseudo-religion,” the real islam always has a way of emerging from the holy texts and recruiting from the mainstream. The result is not just violence, but the slow strangling of the host through a series of unilateral concessions that do nothing more than tighten the death grip of islamacism.

Islamic organizations in the West use the “Religion Barrier” and the language of religious tolerance to fend off the challenge posed by the Information Age. While thousands of people are butchered in the name of allah each year, these apologists insist that the religion behind the violence should be just as immune from criticism here as it is in those parts of the world over which it has a stranglehold.

The islamists know that suppressing knowledge and critical thinking is the key to defeating our culture and freedoms. It therefore follows that education and critical thought are also our best defense against this darkness.

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