Islamic intimidation in action

There's an interesting series of articles linked from
which analyses how an infidel nation becomes islamized. Here are some excerpts:

"The basic development process seems to follow a pattern where seven phases can be discerned.

a) The starting point is a Western society with a normal development Social peace, satisfactory economic growth, ordinary crime levels, and changes in government depending on democratic elections. The number of muslims in the population is very low, and their influence on society negligible.
Current examples: Finland, Baltic states.

b) An initial phase when the proportion of muslims is still fairly small, certain areas of human life of the immigrant population are in practice left alone by the authorities. This allows repression of girls and women in many muslim families....A high birth rate among muslims and a high level of immigration from muslim countries is promoted inside the muslim society.

Infrequent proposals aiming at establishing sharia regarding various matters, acknowledging muslim holidays also are presented. Another characteristic is increasing levels of crime motivated by attitudes often connected to jihad e.g. an increasing level of rapes of non-muslim women. ..... This does not only reflect the dysfunctional relations between sexes in the muslim part of society but is also a sign of an early “light-version” example of the influence of jihad thinking in the country

Current examples: USA, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

c) Preparations for jihad: Beginning of geographic no-go areas for the police and public administration officials. Frequent physical attacks and even single infrequent murders of policemen or persons opposing political Islam. Death threats against adversaries are common. An increasing physical destruction of property by groups, influenced by the radical imams and the jihadists.
..... Property crimes of various types in order to finance the beginning of a domestic jihad movement.
Current examples: France; beginning in England, Holland.

d) Start of jihad: Murders of individual policemen or active anti-muslims with a certain frequency, which murders carry an evident political message. An organized countrywide islamist movement appears, and some mosques start to retreat from liberal versions of islam used as a deception during the initial stages ( 1-3). Establishment of definite no-go areas where militants put taxes on corporations and individuals. Extortion of individuals outside these areas.
Current examples: Beginning in France.

e) Development of jihad: Frequent murders of policemen, teachers and well-known individuals opposing political islam. ........Militants start to openly show weapons and declare far-reaching political goals e g taking over a region or the whole country.
Current example: South of Thailand

f). Jihad: Insurgency ... Campaigns by the islamic movement to convince media and the population of their right to dominate certain areas of the country proclaimed to be muslim. Constant murders and kidnappings of opponents and well-known persons.
Current example: The Philippines

g). Jihad to Civil war. Large-scale military fights when the domestic forces fight the islamic movement's goal to dominate a geographic region, or the country. Militias and the national Home Guard complement the army. Widespread executions, terror, cruelty, mayhem and widespread destruction reign in urban areas. Definite separation between muslims and non-muslims leads to large-scale movements of the population.
Example: Lebanon during the seventies – end of eighties.

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