Living under Oppression.

The head of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) accused the West of anti-muslim bias on Thursday and warned journalists against automatically linking islam with terrorism. "Bias against Islam has increased since 9/11 and a series of terrorist acts in Europe. What we see now is a monologue, not a dialogue, and that increases divisions," Here.

Monologue? Division???

28:86 never help them, 9:23 sever family ties with those who value disbelief over belief (islam). 29:8, 31:14-15 Be kind/good to your parents, but do not obey them if they are unislamic/non-muslim. 3:118 don’t take them for friends. 3:28 don’t take them for friends, unless merely superficially, as a temporary precaution (taqiyya). 4:139-140 do not choose disbelievers instead of believers for friends. 4:144 don’t choose disbelievers instead of believers as friends. 5:51. do not take Christians and Jews as friends. 5:57 don’t take as friends/guardians those who mock or jest Islam. 8:73 join together, to defend yourselves and your religion, against their corruption. 60:1 do not take them for friends. 60:13 don’t make friends with those who disbelieve in the (Islamic) Hereafter. 53:29 shun them. 58:5 humiliate them. 4:63 oppose them and admonish them. 66:9 strive hard against them and be stern with them. 9:14 fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands, bringing them to disgrace. 9:73-74 strive hard against the disbelievers and hypocrites and be harsh against them. 9:123 fight the disbelievers near you and let them find harshness in you. 66:9 strive hard against them and be stern with them. 5:54 be stern/mighty against the disbelievers, but humble with believers. 48:28-29 conquer them all, and act hard against them, but be merciful to believers. 68:8-10. do not obey and do not compromise with them. 76:24 do not obey them. 33:48 don’t comply with them/ don’t obey them. 25:52 don’t obey but fight them. 4:101 disbelievers are an open enemy to you. 60:4 hate them forever unless they join islam. 31:7 give them tidings of a painful punishment/doom. 45:7-8 give them tidings of a painful punishment/doom. 84:24 announce to them a painful. punishment/doom... Now that is division.

We forgive them, but they do not forgive us. We help them, but they do not help us. We give them the benefit of the doubt, but they assume we're guilty (45:31, 83:29). We're compassionate toward them, but do they feel empathy for us? We're tolerant toward them, but they're not tolerant toward us. The sooner we wake up the sooner we'll see the islamic agenda and the objective of the most recent protest by muslims against the detention of suspects accused of inciting terrorism in London. “UK — You will pay!”. Here.

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