Muslims demonstrate against terrorists who have hi-jacked their religion. No, muslims protest because fellow mohammadans have been arrested for inciting terror.
Angry demonstrators branded Tony Blair a 'terrorist' while carrying banners stating 'Sharia Law - the future, free our muslim brothers' and 'Crusade against islam'. Blair a terrorist? More like a dhimmi waiting to be eaten last by the aligator in the lounge room and only last year a man was sent to prison for calling out to muslims at a protest to go home, meanwhile these 'free' muslims protest against the arrest of six co-religious for inciting terror. It's clear what side of the divide these demonstrators are on, sharia! What does Sharia law actually state? Here are some examples of sharia law:

1. Offensive, military jihad against non-muslims is a communal, religious obligation.
2. A person who is ignorant about islamic legal opinion must follow the legal opinion of a scholar.
3. The penalty for a muslim apostate is death.
4. When slaughtering animals for food, a knife must be used to cut the windpipe and gullet first.
5. A woman is only eligible to receive half the inheritance of a man.
6. Marriage may be forced on virgins by their father or father’s father.
7. A non-Arab man may not marry an Arab woman.
8. A woman must seek permission from her husband to leave the house.
9. A muslim man may marry up to four women.
10. Retaliation is obligatory in most cases when someone is deliberately murdered except when a muslim kills a non-muslim, a Jew or a Christian kills a muslim apostate or a father or mother kill their offspring.
11. Non-muslim subjects of a muslim state are subject to a series of discriminatory laws – “dhimmitude”.
12. The penalty for fornication or sodomy is being stoned to death.
13. The penalty for an initial theft is amputation of the right hand. Subsequent thefts are penalized by further amputations of feet and hands.
14. A non-muslim cannot testify against a muslim in court. A person who is “without respectability” cannot give legal testimony. A woman’s legal testimony is only given half the legal weight of a man’s and is only acceptable in cases involving property. To legally prove fornication or sodomy requires 4 male witnesses who actually saw the act.
15. The establishment and continuation of the islamic Caliphate (by force, if necessary) is a communal obligation.
16. Sodomites and lesbians must be killed.
17. Laughing too much is forbidden.
18. Musical instruments are unlawful.
19. Creating pictures of animate life is forbidden.
20. Female circumcision, which includes the excision of the clitoris, is obligatory.
21. Slavery is permitted.
22. People may be bribed to convert to islam.
23. Beating a rebellious wife is permissible.
24. Lying is permissible in a time of war (jihad).
And here we see yet another demonstration by these barbaric fanatics claiming oppression and calling for sharia law. They are a bunch of murderous fascists that would drag Britain back into superstition-based tyranny if given the chance. When will people who matter notice that death and destruction have followed islam everywhere it goes?
Looks like never;
Sharia courts have been set up in major towns and cities to impose sharia and enable muslims to shun the British legal system. Here.
Murderous muslims exist wherever there are muslims while politicians tell us that islam is a peaceful religion. The multi-cultural soothsayers say that there isn’t a problem, we just need to stop muslim youth being disaffected, but the truth is that muslims cultivate a sense of grievance. Disaffection is inbuilt into their religion where they see non-muslims (kafirs) as inferior and a kafir life as much less than a muslim life. The fruits of islam are disrespect for non-muslims, and often squalor, illiteracy and poverty. Overlaying these fruits are violence and hatred and murderous fanatics wherever muslims are. The hostility of muslims who consider themselves part of a cult more than of society has to be countered. In the world of PC garb, they have to be countered. Too many people ignore them rather than say their beliefs are shit. They and everyone else need to be told what they are really about.

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