Silent Holocaust.

It is very difficult to have any respect for islam. The hatred, intolerance, and violence. What has islam done for it's people, much less the rest of humanity, that allows any muslim to think their culture has any right to world influence? There is no freedom. There is no science. There is nothing except a thousand inconsistent interpretations of the quran to suit whatever issue is bothering muslims in the present.
The apostates of islam expose the real truth about islam without minding about any political correctness whatsoever.
An excerpt from an exceptional article at islam-watch.org by Azam Kamguian...
"The ranks of civilized humanity form a massive force that has, so far, sadly been silenced. It can come to the fore. For the future of humanity, it must come to the fore. If there is to be a future, it is in the formation of an active, progressive and freedom-loving policy at the forefront of the ranks of the people. Otherwise, the stage is left open to terrorism and barbarism."

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