With the arrival of spring, the islamic Republic of Iran’s police have launched its traditional crackdown on women's dress. Such crackdowns have become a regular experience for Iranian women. The crackdown is to force women to respect the strict islamic dress code.
Under Iran's islamic laws “Sharia”, women are obliged to cover their body from head to toe with black veil or at least long, loose-fitting clothes to disguise their whole figures. The islamic dress code is severely imposed this time. Violators can receive lashes, fines or imprisonment.
Since the existence of the iRI, not a day goes passed without an attack or physical assault, arrest, acid-throwing, harassment and psychological pressure of women in Iran. The iRI has clearly specified that for women no other sort of dress is permitted except the islamic hijab.
Why? Because hair of the woman is considered a source of vitality, and special magic powers have been attributed to it. Long before islamic interpretation of Dr. Abol-Hassan Banisadr's (islamic Iran’s first president) famous confirmation that "the female hair radiates something which acts on the male brain", the idea was inspired from mythological stories of course.
IRI’s propaganda says, “beneath islamic hijab, entire woman's worth and respect is upheld”. It is alleged to be the only safe guarantee for protection against the danger of brazen indecency, which can stifle the muslim women in shame and decadency, avoiding that “the islamic society becomes subjugated to the non-believing and decadent cultures”. To iRI’s mass media, islamic hijab represents a contemporary rebirth of an invulnerable islamic identity.
The islamic hijab is a severe restriction on freedom for women. This outdated and obsessive model cannot be applied to today's world. Islamic hijab is a blindfold forcing women to remain indoors, reducing and convicting them to half that of a man, pushing them to second class status, and condemning them to be alien to their own environment...

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